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There are mainly two reasons why a business would want to keep their accounting books in order. One is for tax regulatory purposes, as by law every business entity is obligated to submit their profit and loss statements at least once a year. Secondly, the business owner would want an informed view of their businesses financial health and operational feasibility. Unfortunately, the attitude of most small business owners are that accounting is only for the former reason.

We are a group of financial services and business information technology companies. We want to help small business owners realize that obtaining real-time financial information is not only possible but very much within their budget. In fact with our pay-as-you-go model, the cost is almost negligible as long as you are still in business.

Every year we see many small business owners struggle to submit their tax returns. They engage our services while literally coming with bags full of receipts and bills to sort out. They ask why their accounting charges are as high as the larger businesses when their turnovers are significantly lower. What they don’t realized is that charges are calculated by the amount of billable hours we have to put in to get their details in order. While there is nothing wrong in paying someone to sort out your accounting at the end of the year, we highly encourage small business owners to keep their records in order regularly. This will make your yearend submissions quicker and allow you to closely monitor the health of your business.

ZANGBooks was created because we sincerely felt that there isn’t a similar product in the market right now. An accounting application where a business person can instantly use without first having to go thru a ton of accounting jargons. ZANGBooks was designed to allow you to do what you are already doing while linking those processes to a smart accounting system. Instead of using word to do your invoices and spreadsheets to record your expenses, use ZANGBooks to do them. Then all your accounting reports, charts and analytics will be shown real time in the system. And all of this you can do and view anytime and anywhere. Don’t just take our word for it, try ZANGBooks now for free!

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